What is a Moment?

Being a Storytelling wedding photographer means I photograph a lot of 'moments' during your wedding day.  That's all fantastic I hear you say but what exactly is a 'moment'?  Where will I find them? How can you be sure I will be in the right place at the right time to capture them and how can you make sure you have plenty of them at your wedding?

Don't panic!  Your wedding day will be packed to the brim of amazing moments.  They happen entirely on their own accord, they cannot be forced and they are completely un-rehearsed! All you have to do is enjoy your day and I will take care of the rest!

But what is a moment?

Moments can be anything that tells a story.... they can be funny, serious, happy or sad.  A tear on a cheek, a knowing look, a cheeky smile. A hug.  They can be simple or complex.  Below are some of my favourite moments I have captured at weddings and a brief note on why I love the image and how I captured it...