You may have heard this style also called Documentary, Wedding photojournalism or Reportage.  This style of journalistic photography is one of the most popular styles of wedding photography around at the moment but it gets confusing when wedding photographers claim to shoot your wedding in a  'documentary style' and their portfolio is full of posed pictures. These photographers aren't shooting candidly. Candid unposed documentary photography means exactly that.  It means no interruptions from the photographer.  

Some of my couples choose to have couple portraits and group shots.  Others choose to have a 100% candid wedding. Both are fine, it's your day after all. If you choose to have some group shots, we'll spend 30 minutes on these and before you know it you'll be back to the party! I will shoot up to 8 groups but if you'd like more, why not book a second photographer to do more so that I can continue to capture the authentic moments. 


Moments are the very reason I shoot weddings and your wedding day will be packed full of them.  Moments come in all shapes and sizes... they build up and get to a point where they crescendo and subside.  You might not realise the significance of these at the time and you probably won't even remember them happening but they are the core focus of my work and when woven together as a collection they will tell the story of your day exactly as it happened. Moments can be absolutely anything - something small or something huge.  The trick is to be in the right place at the right time to anticipate them and capture them with creativity and with conviction.  Moment-led photography makes your wedding images so much more meaningful than if your guests are posing for the camera all day long.


This image is one of the reasons I love staying for the dancing.  By now everyone is used to the cameras and have relaxed a bit so lots of fun moments can be captured on the dance floor. I love getting in really close for the dance floor shots.  

The scene above was over so very quickly.  If this hadn't been captured in an image it would most probably have been forgotten in the hustle and bustle of the day.  Now it's a forever image for Michele.  Photography blows my mind sometimes - that one click of the shutter can be so powerful. 

When I'm shooting a wedding I'm always looking for good composition, good light and good moments.  Together these make a great storytelling wedding photograph.