DAY IN THE LIFE SESSION 8 HOUR SESSION & 200 full resolution images £500


MORNING IN THE LIFE (OR AFTERNOON) 4-HOUR SESSION & 100 full resolution images £350

A really chilled session where I come and hang out with your family for a couple of hours.  With less restrictions on time you will have more time to relax as we make some creative documentary portraits, all delivered to your bespoke online gallery in full resolution, print-ready and downloadable to your computer


2-HOUR SESSION & 30 full resolution images  £250

I'll spend a bit longer with you and we will have time to make more beautiful pictures.  You'll get 30 gorgeous full-resolution images in your very own viewing gallery and you can download them straight to your computer! 

60 MINUTE SESSION & 15 full-resolution images £150

A quick peak into your day with 15 beautiful full resolution images by digital download.  As this session is really short, it's better if you are all already confident in front of the camera.  Camera-shy-ness usually takes at least 20 minutes to overcome.


*When you book a 2-hr session you automatically become part of my Family Documentary Project.