Have you ever wondered what the definition of 'Candid' is?

CANDID / 'KANDID'. Adjective.

1. truthful and straightforward; frank.

2. (of a photograph of a person) taken informally, especially without the subject's knowledge.  "It is better to let the photographer mingle among the guests and take candid shots"





Candid documentary wedding photography.  Un-posed & undirected fly-on-the wall photojournalism.  


Completely candid children and family photography.  A fresh approach - natural, relaxed and fun!


A personal blog documenting the crazy life of us!      Me, hubby, Jacob and our menagerie of pets!


"Oh my heavens. Best pictures ever. You've captured every element of the day and you've done truly a fantastic job. We couldn't be more chuffed. It was the best day but seeing your photos have brought it to life all over again. I felt like I missed noticing peoples reactions but they're all here! Both Mums look great and you've captured all our friends and family. I really don't know how you've done it! You were my great find on this whole journey. As soon as I saw your photographs I knew you'd do an amazing job. I had no doubts. Yet you've still managed to surpass my expectations. I can't thank you enough!" 

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