Online Mentoring : Learning to take better photos of your Children


Do you want to take better photographs of your children?

I've photographed a lot of families and a lot of children over the last two years! I've had many people ask me if I do workshops in the past, which up until now is not something I've really done.  

While I'm not quite ready to start up a full-on workshop I am keen to offer some online mentoring to mums and dads.

 The only requirement is that you own or have access to a computer with internet access, a DSLR and some basic editing software for the four week duration of your course. 



The mentoring course will last for 4 weeks. You will have access to a private Facebook group where you can share your images and ask questions, I'll also critique from here.

Week 1 - Exposure triangle, shooting in manual mode, assignment, image critique, Q&A

Week 2 -Composition, perspective, angles, assignment, image critique, Q&A

Week 3 - Use of light, shooting in the sun, low light, silhouettes, assignment, image critique, Q&A

Week 4 -  Shooting outside vs shooting indoors, capturing the moment, bending the rules, assignment, image critique, Q&A

Unlimited Q&A and image critique for two weeks following the course.


A 4 Week one-to-one online Mentoring course costs £145 and can be booked here