Lazy Sunday Mornings...

As much as I love my job photographing amazing families and weddings, I always make time to capture the beauty in our own life too. 

Our little boy won't always be this little - He won't always find magic in tiny light spots shining on the bed. One day all too soon he'll be grown up and I'm just not ready for it.   I cherish these moments with him.  These every day moments.  I know I can't press pause on life but I can freeze these little bits of perfection in pictures and that is the next best thing! 

He was laughing his head off bouncing around the bedroom with nothing on but his pants and socks.  The sun was streaming in through the window  so I grabbed my camera and I caught these next few shots.  It was all over so quickly but these will last forever!

It's these moments we'll remember.  Capture them all even if they seem insignificant they really are not!