Cheshire Family Photography - Cheshire Ice Cream Farm

I rarely shoot for myself these days.  I think because when I'm so busy working on documenting everyone elses lives I sometimes forget to take pictures of my own and even when I do, I still have a hard time remembering to get in the frame myself - which is something I'm always kicking myself for afterwards! 

Yesterday we had a fab trip to one of my favourite places - Cheshire Ice Cream Farm with our lovely Rossons (Jacob's aunty, uncle and cousin) and we had such a good day!

It's a gem of a place!  We used to go loads before Jacob started school last year.  It's had a major re-generation and there's now so much to do with the little people - crazy golf, mini diggers, quad bikes, play gym, animals, a gigantic sand and water play area but best of all they sell the most amazing ice cream (hence the name!) It was always a great day out but now it's just epic!

If you've never been I highly recommend going! There's so much to do you can really make a day of it although it can get super busy (and just for the record the butterscotch ice cream is to die for!!)

L xx