I usually shoot in Landscape, I'm not sure why, it feels more natural to me but this picture had to be made in portrait to get the length of Ambers dress in the frame.  I like it though. Dad is to the right, looking at his little girl, probably wondering how all those years went by so quick, the wedding car is just outside the door.  A completely authentic moment, not set up.

I know it's not technically great.  I think I've cropped the bottom of the dress, yes I have. There's somebody behind Amber in the doorway and the highlights outside are blown but I don't care about any of that.  I care about moments and this is one. I love the rim light on dads face and I love the impromptu pause before they leave for the church, just father and daughter alone, calm and gathering their thoughts ready to enjoy the day ahead!

I can't remember my settings,  but it looks like I was spot metering on Amber's dress and I was probably somewhere between f2 and f4. This was with my Nikon 24mm 1.4 lens.

And you know me - I love black and white!

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Have a great week it's nearly Friday!!

Lou x