Cheshire Family Photography // Prestatyn Beach // 30.4.16

Ohhhh I LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach! !

There's just something so liberating about being by the sea! The sun on your back, the wind in your hair... I've always loved it ever since I was a child and I jump at the opportunity to go there whenever I can! It's our dream to live by the sea and one day we hope we will retire there. A few months ago I went on a North West Wedding Photographers' night out in Manchester and among other great photographers I met the lovely Chris from Chris Morse Wedding Photography.  He's a documentary photographer just like me and his work is amazing! Have a look!  Chris has passed a few wedding referrals on to me lately, so as a thank you I decided to do a family doco shoot for him, to kind of well, re-pay the favour the best way I can!

We spent a beautiful morning at Prestatyn Beach in North Wales.  It was a bit windy but it was such great fun! Little Ellie was just the epitome of adorable all morning and they all completely rocked the socks off their session!

I just love this kind of photography.  It makes my heart dance a little dance. I'm so driven to document the little bits of everyday life that feel so small at the time but one day, when the littles are all grown up, you can look back on and feel like you are back there!

Happy Friday!