So you've decided on your wedding photographer! Congratulations - choosing one is no easy task I know!! But what is this 'Pre-Wedding Shoot' that you've agreed to? 

Many wedding photographers now offer a pre-shoot prior to your big day and it's a great opportunity to see how it'll feel to be in front of the camera (a dress-rehearsal if you like.. without the dress!)

You might use it as a good excuse to visit your venue and scout out portrait locations, you could go someplace that has particular meaning to you or you could arrange it to be on a special date (my last pre-shoot was in the lake district on Amber & Jacks' one year proposal anniversary - I love that - it meant a lot to them!)


The shoot will show your photographer how you interact as a couple and you get to see the way your photographer works too, but really it serves more of a purpose than that.  

Picture this.. It's the morning of your wedding. It's bridal prep and you're in the midst of a room full of hustle and bustle.  Emotions are running high, there might be tears, there's definitely chaos ...then all of a sudden there's a knock at the door.

It's your photographer.

Would you rather a familiar face or someone you've never met? Remember they're going to be with you every step of the day.

Ok, I know some of you might not mind one bit, and you may be confident and comfortable in front of the camera already and thats great, really it is! But for others, opening the door and inviting someone into a very personal space is quite a big thing and to open the door and see someone they've already had the opportunity to work with already is very reassuring.

The added bonus of a pre-wedding shoot is that you'll get some gorgeous art for your wall/album/save-the-date-cards/invites/signature mount* (*see below)

A signature mount with a  'pre-wedding shoot' centrepiece for guests to sign at the reception.

A signature mount with a  'pre-wedding shoot' centrepiece for guests to sign at the reception.


1. They're loads of fun!

2. They're a good opportunity to have a practise in front of the camera.

3. You'll feel more relaxed with your photographer on your wedding day

4. You could tie it in with a venue visit.

5. You could go someplace really special.

6. You get to see how your photographer works.

7. You get some great pictures.


Thanks for reading! I hope I've been able to shed a bit of light on why we, as photographers think that pre-wedding shoots are awesome! I LOVE doing them for all the above reasons but mainly because they're such a laugh & I really do love getting to know my couples more!