The Family Shoot

The Family Shoot and what to expect!

Have you ever wondered what it's like to have a family photo shoot with me? 

"What do you wear? What will I shoot? Where will we shoot? What if the kids throw a wobbler! Will you have to tidy up? Will I make you look thinner? Will you have to pose? Will it be fun? etc etc..

You have absolutely nothing to worry about!  I'm about as friendly as they come and my aim is to give you the best experience possible. I'll leave you at the end of your shoot all happy-exhausted, probably wondering if a shoot even took place!  We're just going to hang out and that's all there is to it. You will of course have so many pictures to remember it by and they will be beautifully authentic, honest and real!

"What do I wear?"

Absolutely anything you want (but please (grown-ups) let there be clothes!)

I'm here to document your life as it is right now and if that means you want to wear your pyjamas then wear them!  If the little people want to be superheroes or ballerinas - please let them! I'm a huge fan of letting the kids dress themselves. With me there are no rules! There's no need to colour match your outfits, nor do you have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. Nobody has to wear matching white tops. I am going to document a bit of (or all of) an ordinary day in your life - so be comfortable but most of all be you.

What will you photograph?

Everything! And I mean everything - unless of course you don't want me to (then just tell me!) I'll take pictures of moments (lots of them!). Details too - I love details! I'll get in really close and sometimes I'll shoot from afar. I'll be like a cat in the room and sometimes I'll play games with the kids! I'll document the laughs, the tears, the arguments the tantrums and the everything in betweens!  


The whole time I'm shooting your session I'm constantly looking out for moments. These can be anything from a hug, a kiss, a touch of hands, a laugh a knowing look anything small or big that makes an interesting picture and tells a story!

 In this picture, I love the connection Sienna has with the viewer. 


"Why do you capture the details? They're so... insignificant!  The details (however unimportant they seem right now) are woven around the moments to make up the story of your day.  Little hands and feet soon won't be so little, the endless cups of coffee you never got round to finishing will soon be a memory. When you display your pictures the detail shots complete your story. Maybe right now they seem insignificant, but one day (and trust me on this) - they'll mean a lot more!


I'm always looking to make good creative compositions. I love lines in a picture and I love reflections too! You might sometimes catch me pointing the wrong way and think 'should I tell her we're over here?!' but I'm probably shooting through a mirror! I like compositions that break the rules too and I love shooting through stuff - anything really but prisms are a favourite.


If your home is bright and airy, try and turn off the lights for your shoot and let the natural light come in.  If it's dark, artificial light doesn't bother me but if theres a heavy mix of tungsten and daylight I might convert the image to black & white. Whatever the light though, I love being creative with it and making the most of it to produce a varied selection of images.


I'm constantly changing my perspective when shooting families.  A good tip when photographing your own children is to get down low. There's much more of a connection when you're at the childrens eye level! I like to mix it up too by offering different perspectives  - high, low, wide, close.  Anything to keep it varied!



Oddfellows wedding photography - Kirsty & Tony, 9th September 2017


A first, for me at Oddfellows in Chester and it certainly did not disappoint. A stylish quirky venue with lovely staff made for a fabulous setting for Kirsty & Tony's gorgeous September wedding.  

When Kirsty first contacted me last year about wedding photography, she said that they loved my documentary style which would give them free rein to enjoy their day without being directed too much by their photographer. They loved the natural approach. 

I loved this wedding so much!  Kirsty & Tony it was an absolute pleasure to spend your wedding day with you. 

Massive congratulations to you both and I wish you all the love, luck and happiness for the future!

Supplier shoutouts:

  • Dress - Brides of Liverpool
  • Bridesmaids Dresses - Bellisima Brides
  • Cake - M&S
  • Musicians - CME Music  (Tie The Knot Entertainment) and My & Feboe
  • Florist- Wild
  • Chair Covers - Couture Chair Covers

Here are your wedding highlights....

Emma & Andrew

Way back in April (where does the time go.....?) Emma and Andrew got married at the beautiful Nunsmere Hall in Cheshire (my most local wedding to date as it's very nearly on my doorstep!) I know Emma from Jacob's school and I was so honoured to be asked to capture their intimate, romantic & rustic wedding for them!

Amazing from beginning to end - a sun-drenched day with DIY bouquets (yes really! they were that good!) and beautiful hand-made table and room decorations, so much thought was put into the day and not a detail was left out!

Everyone was so lovely and friendly and the whole day from start to finish was absolutely perfect! 

Congratulations again Mr & Mrs Bird! What a fantastic party you throw!


Fab supplier shoutouts:

Dress - Monsoon

Flowers - the Bride

Hair - Jenni Hardy

Make Up - Niamh Smith

Cake - M&S

Harpist - Nerys Hewitt



Have you ever wondered what we get up to on one of my mini sessions!?  Here are the gorgeous Garvey family who I had the pleasure of meeting (finally!) last weekend!   I love the forest. It's literally on my doorstep and I spend many hours stomping round Delamere with the family or letting our spaniel burn off some steam.  It's always fabulous to work there too - not that it ever feels  like work!

Thanks Nicola, James and Annabelle for booking a Mini Session with me - I'm so glad you love your photos! 

To book a mini session with me, please click here


Rebekah & Eliza


It was so good to meet fellow photographer Rebekah from Rebekah Jane Photography and her beautiful daughter last weekend on my Mini Sessions at Delamere Forest!   We spent the time looking for pine cones, stomping in muddy puddles and hiding in wood dens. Rebekah was 40 weeks pregnant and I'm just waiting to hear on some baby news but what a fabulous way to spend a morning before the new baby arrives - just some precious alone time, mum and daughter making memories before things look very different!

To book a mini session click here or if 20-30 minutes isn't long enough and you'd like a full package then send me an email to

Christmas Mini Sessions

Well this blog post is ridiculously overdue!! Sorry about that - life's been pretty busy lately! But cast your mind back to last November - I spent the day at Marbury Park in Cheshire for some photography sessions with some amazing families! It was freezing cold but we definitely lucked out with the fog on the Sunday - it made the photography so beautifully atmospheric!

I'm a documentary photographer by heart so the sessions largely take your lead, but we also make time for some great (non-posey) group photos too!  Mini Sessions are a great way to dip your toe in to the world of lifestyle photography and gift vouchers are also available.

I'm about to have another jam-packed-full day of mini sessions tomorrow & I can't wait! If you're looking to book onto a mini session with me, please email me at

Cheshire Family Photography - Documentary Photography and Lifestyle Photography throughout Cheshire and the UK.

 Mini Sessions at Marbury Park

Mini Sessions at Marbury Park

Cheshire Family Photography
Cheshire Family Photography
Cheshire Family Photography
Cheshire Family Photography
Cheshire Family Photography
 Mini Sessions are so much fun and hugely different to studio photography

Mini Sessions are so much fun and hugely different to studio photography

Cheshire Family Photography
 The fog made the pictures look so different

The fog made the pictures look so different

Cheshire Family Photography
Cheshire Family Photography
Cheshire Family Photography
Cheshire Family Photography
Cheshire Family Photography
Cheshire Family Photography
Cheshire Family Photography
Cheshire Family Photography
Cheshire Family Photography
Cheshire Family Photography
Cheshire Family Photography
Cheshire Family Photography

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Chloé & John

"We met at my brother's wedding to Stef in November 2013. John and I were literally pushed together and ordered to dance as we were the only two single people there. It was incredibly awkward but we clicked straight away and the rest they say is history."

I'm so excited to share Chloé and John's gorgeous December wedding with you.  It was so much fun to shoot.  The ceremony was at Norbury Church in Hazel Grove - Chloé's dream venue, and the reception at the Hallmark Hotel in Handforth.   Chloé looked stunning as did her bridal party and John and all the lads all looked dapper in their suits.  It was a chilled out day, spent with their family and friends and it was as always, a complete honour to be a part of it and capture it for them. 

I was so lucky to be able to work alongside my good friend and extremely talented wedding photographer Lucy Sharratt, who on this occasion went easy on the shutter release and focused (no pun intended) on making the wedding film!

So many lovely personal touches went into the day and a lot of fun was had by everyone!  I'll leave you with a few highlights from the day.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Hunt! I wish you all the love luck and happiness in the world! A lifetime of adventure awaits!

Are you planning your wedding? Send me a message - I'd love to hear from you if you'd like to find out more about my relaxed documentary style - which leaves you free to party hard with your guests, not spend hours posing for pictures...   but don't just take my word for it - hear what others have to say here.


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