It's not for everyone. But if you like the idea of having a fly-on-the-wall professional photographer document your labour and birth so you don't have to then please do get in touch! I am so desperate to photograph a birth that I am offering the first THREE that I do, for free! At the moment I am only able to offer home birth photography. I will be on call one week before and one week after your due date and I will be with you from about 5-6cm for the duration. However long it takes until about 2 hours afterwards.


** Two Birth Sessions still available please contact me for more information **


FRESH 48 SESSIONS - Within 48 hours of birth.

I will come and visit within 48 hours of your baby's birth to creatively document the firsts in your brand new world.  If your hospital will allow it I will come and visit you there.  If not, I would love to come to your home. Fly-on-the-wall approach.   Discreet and respectful.  Un-interrupted and quiet.  A refreshing change from posed photographs.

One Hour -  £165 and 50 JPEG images

Two Hours - £265 and 100 JPEG images


All my sessions are storytelling documentary sessions - They will be completely authentic and true to life.  There will not be any posing or any set-ups.  I will not interrupt you nor will I ask anything of you. This time is precious.  I want to make it all about you and I want to keep it real.

NEWBORN FAMILY DOCUMENTARY SESSIONS - Within first four weeks of birth.

Documenting real life at home with your newborn.

Bringing your newborn home from the hospital.

Introducing your new baby to the family or to the pets.

The newborn details - little fingers, toes, nappy changes, first bath, feeding, nursery details.


One Hour -  £165 and 50 JPEG images

Two Hours - £265 and 100 JPEG images